20 December 2009

Mock Drill

We are in high gear at the hospital, preparing for our opening on January 11th. There are 13 working days left before we open and in the midst of that are the holidays with lots of key people gone.

This past week we had our first hospital-wide "drill" with mock patients - to see how everything from registration to triage, clinic visits, transport of gurneys, the IT system, etc. are going to work. I was a mock patient in the Accident and Emergency Department coming in with a “suspected ectopic pregnancy.” I went through all the different things a patient would and wound up in the Operating Room to get an exploratory procedure and then ultimately surgery.

When they were “done” with the surgery they wheeled me on a gurney to the post-op area. On our way, wouldn't you know, a fire drill began! I was wheeled on the gurney outside, in my lovely cap, while we all waited for the “all clear.” Pretty wild.

1 comment:

  1. Well, at least you had prior experiance being a patient with WEC, hehe.