19 December 2009

Madikwe Game Reserve

Last weekend 6 of us went to Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa. It was less than two hours drive from Gaborone. The game park was amazing. It really surpassed what I was expecting. We stayed at Buffalo Ridge Lodge, a beautiful, small resort in the bush.

They have a spectacular pool right at the edge of the mountain, overlooking the valley below.

The best part were the two game drives we went on with our guide, Israel.

From L-R: Nita (Biomedical Supplies Consultant), Jane (Midwife), Abigail (Nurse Practitioner), Israel, me, Becky (Nurse Consultant) - Mo is taking the picture

Early in the first drive we saw 2 endangered black rhinos. Our guide was amazed because there are only 50 in the whole expansive park. They rarely leave the protection of the bush, but we happened to catch them crossing the road right in front of our truck.

We also saw giraffe, wildebeest, elephants, zebra... and lions! The two lions we saw were a male and female. We were incredibly close to them but the truck didn’t phase them at all.

In fact they were mating! They mate on average from 3-4 days straight when the female is in estrous.

The actual "act" takes less than 1 minute (seriously). After it’s over they nap for 20 minutes. Like clockwork the female gets up after 20 minutes and goes over to the male and they do it again. Every 20 minutes. Our guide said they sometimes don’t eat for 3 days. It was truly amazing.

More animals: Here is a baby Zebra with it's Mom. Our guide told us that baby Zebra have legs almost as long as their mother's. They stand very close to the mother so that if predators come, the stripes just blend and the baby isn't seen.

Here is a Waterbuck. I made the mistake of asking our guide Israel what the significance of the white circle on the backside was.

He promptly told me that someone had painted a toilet seat with white paint and the waterbuck sat down. OK how many times has he told that joke.


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