17 October 2009

Botswana Elections

Yesterday Botswana had its 10th election since Independence in 1966. The ruling party, the BDP (Botswana Democratic Party) has always won the elections and that will likely be the case this time too (results are not out yet). But the opposition parties were out in force prior to the elections trying to drum up support for their candidates.

The day before the election I was on my way into town and saw/heard literally dozens of trucks with horns blasting, filled with BDP supporters in red shirts, waiving flags, shouting and singing the praises of their candidate: Ian Khama. Here are pics:

That day, Thursday, was Jane's birthday and we went to the Gaborone Sun Hotel for a champagne birthday toast.
(Me, Nancy, Abigail & Jane)


  1. Julie the apartment is actually quite nice, I thought it might have a dirt floor and a thatched roof, like we westerners see on TV.....just kidding. :-)

  2. Are you al sitting around a pool.....where are the bathing suits?

  3. Hi Joel,
    No pool... yet. They are planning to have a little BBQ area (BBQ's are called "Brai's" here) and there will be a small pool for children of staff. I'll take a picture of them this week. It's all still under construction.